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Billet Aluminum VVT Solenoid Cap Kit : Mazdaspeed 3 - Mazdaspeed 6 All Years

Billet Aluminum VVT Solenoid Cap Kit : Mazdaspeed 3 - Mazdaspeed 6 All Years

New Batch is in production.  All orders placed as of now will ship by 9/21/19

We will open up orders for custom requested colors in a few weeks. (Anticipate $5 - $10 up charge)

New release from Adapted Performance


This cap has been in development for over a year and finally being released for sale

The goal was to create a simple low profile cap for hiding the ugly vvt solenoid that pokes through the valve cover on the Mazdaspeed Disi Engine.  

These are 100% designed, and machined by me and I also do the powder coating process in house. 

The caps are made from billet 6061 aluminum & include a billet aluminum solenoid adapter that allows the cap to be held securely in place.

Install Note on wire extension:  You can customize your connector by cutting splicing and extending the wires to route / hide them.  Please make sure you use high quality wire and good soldiered connections.  Proper insulation and wire wrap as well as make sure the wires won't get tangled in your pullies or rub through on anything.    Gen 2 valve covers can allow for the wire to be run through the gap behind the solenoid. 

The caps will have lots of customization options. 

Option A: Raw Aluminum - Can be sent to your powder coater with your other misc parts to have a perfect color match. These are sent in a tubled state.   They can also be polished, or painted. 

Option B:  Powder coated by Adapted Performance.  Our coating process for the cap involves tumbling, blasting, cleaning, pre baking to further clean the part as well as a 3 step chromate conversion coating to provide the ultimate in corosion resistance and adhesion of the powder coating.  The caps are not fully powder coated on the inside but you will see a visible gold coating in the underside which is the chromate coating.

All caps will be available with your choice of any 3 accent color inserts.  The inserts are self install and easy to do.   Inserts are Vinyl and can be swapped out if you want to change up the look. Choose different colors to try out or just pick out spares of the same.

Insert Color Choices 

  • Black Carbon Fiber
  • Red Carbon Fiber
  • Blue Carbon Fiber
  • Silver Carbon Fiber
  • Red Brushed Aluminum
  • Blue Brushed Aluminum
  • Silver Brushed Aluminum

Color choices at Product Launch for the powder coating are as follows

  • Satin Black
  • Rally Silver
  • Reflective Chrome (not pictured yet)

Raw aluminum will be available 7/15/19

We will open up orders for custom requested colors in a few weeks. (Anticipate $5 - $10 up charge)


  • Billet Cap
  • Billet Solenoid Adapter
  • M5 x 8mm set screw
  • 2.5mm Allen key
  • (3) Color accent inserts
  • 4" Wire harness flex loom (Optional - use to protect the vvt solenoid wire)

There are only 3 items left in stock.
There is only 1 item left in stock.