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Adapted Performance Adapted Performance - Mazdaspeed 3 & 6 - Ford Ecoboost Mustang - 2.3 Turbo

How We Got Started


I started Adapted Performance in 2014 after coming up with a few great parts designs for the Mazdaspeed 3 & 6. I realized that I could fill a gap in the market and provide great products for the community. I have a background in professional automotive repair and performance.  I worked both in product development and sales, as well as doing installation and builds for several years.  I have an extensive background in the Ford Duratec / Mazda Mzr engine family.  I am also the first known person to turbocharge a Ford Duratec engine way back in 2004.

Although Adapted Performance is not my main Job / Full time position, I aspire to make it my full time job. My family helps me out time to time with orders and other tasks too.

Currently I design all of the products I sell and plan to be a design / manufacture / sell direct company. I have lots of new ideas in the works and plan on expanding the product lineup very soon.  Most of my products focus more on engine bay dress up due to this being a part time business.  I am keeping risk low to protect myself, but I have lots of new items that will launch that are performance oriented.

Since I started Adapted Performance I have invested most of the proceeds towards growing the business.

I now have a small cnc mill, cnc lathe, Co2 laser cutter, cnc plasma cutting table, multiple 3d printers and a vinyl / graphics cutter.

With the cnc mill I am planning on some exciting new products.

I run what I make and I sell only things that I would personally use on my cars.

Quality and passion goes into everything I sell.   This is not a full time job for me yet but someday it could be.  I can offer great products and service at an affordable price due to my low overhead and some friendships I have forged with machine shops. 

In 2020 I decided to expand beyond just Mazdaspeed parts.  I purchased a 2020 Ecoboost Mustang to continue to expand Adapted Performance. 

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